Questions you have asked, Spirit Worx has Answers...

All about that Price!

 1. I only see pricing for one style shirt in the brochure, what is that for?

  • Our brochure pricing is based on a color #5000 shirt with a 2 color print.
  • Pricing for other garments can be found on the website by selecting the garment you like, choose the print locations and ink color amount, then click 'qet quote'.  It's Instant!  

2. How do I configure pricing, if I am purchasing multiple style garments, but all the same design?

  • If you are using the same design for each garment, then the price break will be the same for each. For example; ordering 200 #5000, 25 #5400 & 25 #18500, would be a design total of 250. Your price for each garment would be at the 250 price break.

3. Is there a set up charge?

  • No, we do not have a set up charge that is added to your order!! However, if you choose to have 2 set ups made for your order with youth and adult sizes, there is a $20.00 per side charge that is added if you have an order less than 250 pieces.

4. Will I have any screen charges added to my cost?

  • Of course not! We never have screen charges.

5. How about artwork, is there a charge per revision?

  • No, we offer unlimited revisions to help our customers to help perfect their design.  However, we do ask that you keep your new requests to a minimum to help allow for time for other customers to have a timely response as well. 2-3 designs per event is our reccomendation. 

Artwork? Check! ... Time to Order

1. What is the minimum to order?

  • There is a 12 piece minimum on all, per design.

2. How can I get the pricing for an advertised sale?

  • During online check out, select your Xtreme Deal and enter the promo code. XTreme Deal codes can only be entered Once on the original order. They can not be applied to a reorder or added after the invoice has been approved.

3. What methods of payment do you accept?

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, personal check, school check and school Purchase Orders.
  • We only accept one check per invoice. There will be a $36.00 fee applied to orders with returned checks.

4. How do I get my reorder price?

  • When you place your reorder, just let us know that it is a reorder. 12 piece minimum reorder on standard orders.


  • All ordering and invoicing will be done online.
  • DOR orders MUST be paid prior to production.
  • NET30 orders, MUST be paid within 30 days to avoid late fees.
  • For each 30 days that your invoice remains in a past due status, a $50 late fee will be added to your invoice.  After 90 days of non-payment, your invoice will be turned over to a Collection agency.


Support Tickets

All support tickets must be added within 2 weeks of receiving the order.  All orders must be received, counted and reviewed by the customer who placed the order prior to dispursement. 

For any order that you have recently received that you feel is not accurate, please hit the +Supoprt Ticket, select your category and note the issues you are having.